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High Performance Coach

Unleash Your Inner Power

Guiding Women to Transform Conflicting Priorities into an Empowering Life.

Rediscover Your Inner Confidence and Self-Worth

Are self-doubt and low self-esteem holding you back from reaching your full potential? Join me on a journey to rebuild your confidence and realize your true worth.

Master the Art of Balancing Your Life

Feeling overwhelmed by competing priorities? Let me help you regain control and find harmony between your family, career, and personal aspirations.

Establish Boundaries for a Balanced Life

Struggling to set clear boundaries in your personal and professional life? Discover the art of boundary-setting to create space for your well-being and dreams.

About Me

My upbringing in Rochester, NY, was characterized by the influence of supportive family members and friends who instilled in me the value of pursuing my true calling and utilizing my talents. My professional mission involves illuminating my clients' hidden lives where their authentic essence resides. By assisting them in discovering their passions, they can transition from a state of difficulty to a state of ease, resulting in a more personal, and financially fulfilling existence. My extensive knowledge, spanning areas such as information systems, personal development, and nutrition, enables me to target the underlying causes of the behaviors that impede my clients' life.

Typical coaching programs center around setting goals with the belief that achieving a specific outcome will bring happiness. Coaches often utilize a range of accountability tactics in their efforts to facilitate progress. However, at Empower Life Changes, I employ a unique methodology. My approach entails helping clients alter their habitual patterns of thought at both conscious and subconscious levels, via a structured progression. The program ‘Unleash Your Inner Power’ produces an enhanced sense of self-assurance and self-worth, enabling clients to embrace the wisdom gained from the process and apply it to their roles as women leaders, wives, and world-class mothers

Upon completing the program, clients emerge with a profound sense of fulfillment and happiness. This state of genuine personal empowerment paves the way for clients' aspirations and goals to manifest into reality.

The program's numerous and invaluable benefits render it a truly one-of-a-kind experience. To take the first step towards reclaiming your dreams of an extraordinary life.

The journey from confusion to clarity and success
I, Annie, embarked on a quest for meaning early in my life. As a teenager grappling with issues of identity and insecurity, I recognized that genuine and enduring fulfillment could only be attained by discovering my true essence and embracing my passions.

Despite enduring emotional and physical abuse, I persevered and eventually flourished, building a successful 6-figure career in information systems, and finding happiness in my marriage. My conviction regarding the importance of living authentically and with purpose was subsequently reinforced during my tenure as a manager, VP, and director, where I witnessed how individuals often resort to material possessions to fill the void of a purposeless existence.

How Annie became a life coach and found my true calling ?
As part of my quest for purpose, I relocated to Wilmington, Delaware to work for DuPont, an experience that proved to be the most challenging yet enriching chapter of my life.

During my tenure in management, my fascination with human behavior and the human mind propelled me to pursue further education in psychology and personal development. My ultimate goal was to aid others in healing and thriving. My training provided me with a profound understanding of how negative patterns and a disconnection from the full expression of our talents can lead to lives of mediocrity.

A career in life coaching redirected my life’s path, as I found its action-oriented approach to creating results more aligned with my calling than traditional counseling or therapy, which often focuses on past wounds.

As a certification Heroic High-Performance Life Coach, completing rigorous training that equips my clients with proven techniques that have helped thousands of people overcome obstacles and achieve success. I am dedicated to using my experience to guide individuals in discovering their passion and purpose, unleashing their creativity, and taking practical steps toward a prosperous life.

Engaging in life coaching with me, you can be assured of my unwavering commitment to helping you achieve your desired life outcomes and more. Being your life coach is my divine purpose and will do whatever it takes to support you on your journey.


HEROIC COACH Coaching – I received my training and certification as a Professional High-Performance Coach through Heroic Coach Coaching (Professional Excellence in Coaching.)

I hold a bachelor’s degree in “Information Systems and Networking Theory” from SUNY Empire State University in Rochester. With over three decades of experience in the corporate world, I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the fields of IT, project management, and finance.

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Unleash Your Inner Power

Guiding Women to Transform Conflicting Priorities into an Empowering Life

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